How to Navigate the Administrative Interface

The MessageNet Connections Administrative Interface is organized by tabs. The most commonly used tabs are arranged across the top of the window. These include Inbox, User Directory, Message Directory, Locations, Archives, Sign Off, Help, and Other Screens. Which tabs a user can see depends on their user class. Some classes of user are restricted to only view certain tabs and therefore may not have access to all of those tabs.

Locations Tab

The Locations Tab is accessible only to users who are granted access through an authorization list. Even the highest classes of user will not be able to access the Locations screen without being included in this list. To authorize a user to view the Locations tab, add that user to the Sys Locations Access List in the User List Manager.

Other Screens

The Other Screens tab opens a window with a list of links for additional screens that wouldn’t fit across the top of the main screen. The number of options available under the Other Screens tab vary depending on the user’s class and permissions. Unlike the main tabs, the Other Screens selections are organized in alphabetical order.

Open a New Window

Open a new window by clicking on the button next to the MessageNet Connections name in the title bar below the tabs. It’s recommended to do this before scrolling down so that you do not lose your place (especially when viewing log files) by having to scroll back up to open a new window.

You’re not limited to one or two windows when using MessageNet Connections. You can open as many new windows as you need. Having multiple windows open is especially helpful if there are several parts to what you’re doing or if you’re working on a particularly long screen, such as the log files or the Message Editor. There isn’t a back button in Connections, so if you think you may need to reference a certain screen later on, open a new window to navigate so you can keep anything you need open however long you need it.