The first system to fully unify safety, security, and communications

Some Key Features

  • Send messages to phones, pagers, signs, PCs, PA, and more
  • Keep searchable records and archives
  • Launch automatic messages from panic buttons and sensor input
  • Receive input and monitor sensor devices and security systems
  • Achieve fastest possible response times to save lives in emergencies
  • Relay alerts from fire panels, sensors, buttons, and more
  • Record and display camera and surveillance footage
  • Give relevant instructions to the appropriate people in an emergency

Through MESA, Connections can integrate with and enhance safety and security devices and systems, from fire panels, cameras and surveillance systems, and panic buttons to door-open and glass-break detectors, PA, radios, LED signs, and more. Through MESA, all of these devices can communicate with one another. An alarm from a sensor can be immediately sent to signs, computers, phones, and more.

MESA allows MessageNet to connect with new devices or with devices and systems you already have. Quite simply, it’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to manage emergencies and ensure alerts and alarms are heard and attended to.