The first system to fully unify safety, security and communications

Key Benefits

  • Integrate with Nurse Call systems & Vocera Badges
  • Announce codes with Audio/Visual PA
  • Contact doctors, nurses, and other staff withPaging and mass-dial
  • Control secure areas with door-open and glass-break detectors
  • Improve HCAHPS scores with Noise-level monitoring & alerting
  • Unlimited daily MNS messaging
  • Cut down on noise from overhead paging by combining audio PA with visual PA

In the medical field, both normal and emergency communications are vital to saving lives. No single technology can meet all of the communications needs of a hospital or other health care provider.

MessageNet Connections’ MEMS solution combines an ADA-compliant variety of technologies to meet the unique needs of each health care provider. While MEMS has some core recommended features, it is easily tailored for each customer’s specific needs.

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