The first system to fully unify safety, security, and communications

See how MessageNet EMACS connects to a wide variety of devices for a customized solution designed to meet the needs of each organization

MessageNet Infographic

Key Benefits

  • Adapt message content to both audience and device
  • Share information between different communications systems
  • Send alerts via multiple delivery systems for maximum effect in an emergency
  • Reduce the risk of a warning not being received
  • Increase reliability of communications systems
  • Override everyday communications to ensure emergency messages are received
  • Coordinate public and private communications

In an emergency, a single warning is often not enough to prompt people to respond, especially if the warning cannot be confirmed through direct observation. A single warning only grabs attention and causes people to inquire about the emergency situation rather than act. Thus, multiple methods of emergency notification are required to save lives.

It’s vital that an emergency message override any normal communications quickly as well as go through a coordinated use of multiple public and private channels of communications.

Quite simply, MessageNet Connections’ EMACS Mass Notification System is the most efficient system for increasing reliability in emergency management and communications. Because it connects and manages a variety of systems and devices, it can eliminate weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Through a mixture of delivery systems, EMACS reduces the risk an emergency warning isn’t received.