MessageNet Connections Mobile provides easy access to all Connections functionality and can deliver messages to any connected device

MessageNet Infographic

With a single touch, our user-friendly interface performs a multitude of actions, providing access to the full spectrum of MessageNet Connections’ capabilities.

Some Key Features

  • Sends emergency alerts, such as for active shooters or lockdowns
  • Launches messages with a single touch
  • Uses location-aware technology on mobile-devices
  • Message-sharing between users
  • Greatly improved ease-of-use through highly simplified screens
  • Supports Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, PCs, and Macs
  • Simplifies everyday messaging and communications
  • User-customizable and sortable messages
  • Reply capabilities supported by the in-app inbox
  • Same screens and same mobile look and feel on PCs and Macs

Connections Mobile provides access to the full platform-scale message-launch capabilities on mobile devices. Its simplified user interface greatly increases accessibility and ease-of-use. Connections Mobile can use the location-tracking ability of many mobile device for increased situational awareness and enhanced messaging and reporting capabilities. Screens are easily customizable to meet the specific needs of individual users.

Quite simply, Connections Mobile is a powerful addition to the Connections software platform, which you can use to enhance effectiveness during emergency and non-emergency situations.The diagram to the left illustrates the spectrum of functionalities accessible by Connections Mobile.

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