The first PA system to fully unify safety, security, and communications

Key Features & Benefits

  • Deliver live speech, pre-recorded, and text-to-speech messages
  • Convert text to speech in English, French, and Spanish, with both female and male voices
  • Connect to existing PA, intercom, and voice evac systems
  • Pre-record and schedule voice messages to broadcast at later times
  • Play messages or speak live over any combination of speakers and PA devices
  • Control and limit access to the public address system for security
  • Monitor noise levels and respond with automatically adjusted volume
  • Keep recordings of every message, even those spoken live

Communications over PA and intercom systems are vital in emergency situations. MessageNet provides necessary flexibility by using different kinds of messages, adjusting to ambient noise levels, and sending messages to all PA and intercom devices, a single device, or any combination of devices in the system as needed.

Messages can be pre-recorded and sent from any network-connected computer, but log-in controls prevent unauthorized use. A record is kept of log-ins and every message broadcast, even those spoken live. Quite simply, it’s the fastest way to communicate to large groups of people during an emergency. Speed and flexibility are important to saving lives in an emergency.