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Key Features & Benefits

  • Send multicast, broadcast, and two-way audio and video messages
  • Integrate with many existing devices and systems, including strobes
  • Keep students safe with active shooter alerting
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to lockdowns and other emergencies
  • Initiate alerts with wireless panic buttons
  • Control bed shakers for wake-up alarms and alerting
  • Grab attention with scrolling computer pop-up instant messaging
  • Reach more people with Audio/Visual PA & LCDs in classrooms
  • Observe students and improve surveillance with cameras in classrooms
  • Send live video feeds to police and emergency responders
  • Customize mass notifications to authorities & parents

Because of the prevalence of bullying and violent incidents, such as Columbine and Sandy Hook, it is vital that schools have fast and efficient emergency communications to save lives. No single technology can meet all of the communication needs of deaf & blind schools – whether they’re emergency or everyday communications. Thus, MessageNet’s DBSEMS mass notification system combines many different customizable, ADA-compliant technologies to better fit the unique needs of each deaf and blind school.

Because DBSEMS is not just an emergency mass notification system, it can also be used for everyday deaf & blind communications, such as audio/visual bell schedules and morning announcements. DBSEMS can also serve as a valuable teaching tool that has particular value in the deaf & blind educational environment. In particular, it has won high praise for being able to facilitate a bilingual approach to teaching American Sign Language along with English.

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