Directory communications to home, cell, and desk phones

Key Benefits

  • Make calls easily with click to call functionality
  • Reply to calls with two-way communications
  • Organize contacts in the user directory featuring phone numbers, pagers, e-mail, and more
  • Leave voicemail with out-dialling voice messaging
  • Support up to four phone numbers per person
  • Customize and organize the directory to best suit your needs
  • Retrieve stored voice messages

MessageNet can connect to existing phone systems and can place a call with a single click. Phone numbers can be easily stored and organized in a customizeable directory. The phone system and directory can be added to at any time.

MessageNet can also function as the phone system. This option opens up more features within MessageNet, including access to saved voice mails within the MessageNet Connections archives. Quite simply, utilizing MessageNet’s phone and PBX capabilities is the most effective way to get messages out quickly and to interface with other systems.