The first system to fully unify safety, security, and communications

Key Benefits

  • Connect to SNPP, WCTP, and TAP interfaces
  • Send automated messages to e-mail and text devices
  • Use Twitter to send mass notifications to any number of subscribers
  • Two-way SMS text messaging
  • Connect to Vocera Badges
  • Message to cell phones of different makes and with different providers
  • Text to (alpha)numeric , PDAs, cell phones, and even PA

With a single mouse click, an emergency notification can be delivered to a wide variety of personal devices, including cell phones and PDAs. MessageNet can also interface with paging and e-mail systems and even supports mass texting via a subscription to a Twitter feed.

Messages can be pre-defined, customized, and sent to different groups of people as needed. Quite simply, MessageNet provides the fastest and easiest way to reach the largest number of people at one time in an emergency situation.