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How You Should Be Using a Digital Signage System

A multimedia digital signage system designed to unify emergency and daily communications. As a part of Connections, it employs the same browser-based user interface as other components of Connections. MessageNet digital signage delivers a wide variety of media types. MessageNet can connect to LCDs via our own controllers, or through pre-existing Windows and Mac devices.

Applications of digital signage:

  • Public information and warning
  • Internal information and warning
  • Advertising
  • Influencing customer behavior
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Enhancing architecture and environment

Real Benefits

  • Improve communications among employees and staff.
  • Reduce or eliminate printing, distribution, and installation costs of traditional printed signage.
  • Flexibility. It easily allows for instant content changes.
  • Consolidate multiple information sources into one attention-grabbing solution.
  • Control all content from one location to ensure consistent messaging.
  • Target information to specific audiences with the ability to customize any screen in any location.
  • When combined with Connections’ fire panel interface, emergency messages can be fully automated.

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