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What is Connections Signal Lighting?

Connections can integrate with existing surveillance systems or work with new devices, such as wireless buttons or input sensors.

Hue Lights, by Philips, can be used as alerts, with different colors used to indicate different levels of severity. Lights can also be used to simply indicate that more information is available on a nearby device, such as an LCD screen. When not used for emergency notification, lights can function as normal lightbulbs.

How Does it Work?

Through the MessageNet Connections server software platform, Signal Lights can change color, flash, or fade.

They plug into normal light bulb sockets, so no additional hardware is needed.

Lights can be set to change color, flash, or fade on a timer or on command.


Audit Trails

MessageNet Connections keeps a record of every message launched, including exactly which bulbs were involved and what commands were issued.

Practicality & Cost Effectiveness

Signal lights can be a simple and cost-effective addition to any security system and when not in use for emergencies, can be used as regular light bulbs.

Ease of Use

Lights are all accessed from the same software, making them easily accessible and easy to use.

Multi-User Access

The Connections system is designed to meet the demands of many users and a diversity of needs at once.

Security & Access Controls

Login, class of service, authorization, and priority controls help limit users’ access to features and capabilities for a more secure system.

Daily & Emergency Use

In addition to enhancing security systems, Connections’ signal light integration can be used to fulfill daily communications needs, such as changing lighting as needed or as an alert when a new message is available on a nearby sign.

As such, signal lights used in conjunction with LED or LCD signs, or with emergency communication systems, can increase communications capabilities.

Maximize your ROI by providing multi-user daily and emergency communication

Other Capabilities

  • Choose among ten distinct colors, including three different shades of white.
  • Set lights to flash, fade, or to remain static in the color of choice.
  • Use three difference kinds of lights, including standard, directional, and strip signal light.
  • Alert people to the presence of a new message on a nearby device, whether emergency or otherwise.
  • Use different colors to indicate different kinds of emergency alerts.
  • Bulbs can last between 5 and 15 years, depending on use, longer than standard bulbs.
  • Schedule lights to change color or dim at certain times.
  • Trigger light color and behavior changes with other devices connected to MessageNet.
  • Use signal lights as normal bulbs when they’re not in use for emergency or other communication.
  • Ensure emergency broadcasts are noticed by alerting people to their presence.
  • Send commands to single lights, all signal lights, or any combination in between.
  • Signal lights can be easily installed in normal light bulb sockets.
  • Strip lights can be plugged directly into a normal outlet with an AC adapter.
  • Signal lights generate very little heat and so are easy to move around.
  • Additional bulbs can be added as needed for all three types of signal lights.
  • Bulbs are controlled through wireless bridge controllers that can connect to up to ten bulbs at once.


Available in Many Ways

Connections’ main interface is browser-based, which means signal lights can be controlled from many different types of devices that have a network or Internet connection.

In addition to manual user interaction, Connections can automatically communicate with signal lights at the command of an automated device, such as a contact closure, fire panels, life-safety devices, door-open detectors, and a vast number of other data sources.


Because Connections can integrate with pre-existing surveillance and security systems, it can work with systems you already have as wekk as add additional signal lights either one at a time or in larger amounts.

MessageNet Connections

MessageNet Connections is a browser-based, integrated system that unifies everyday and emergency communications and security into one powerful system. Connections integrates your existing communication, safety and security systems to create communication bridges between people, places and things.

One of the unique advantages of the MessageNet Connections system is scalability: you can start with your specific needs now and seamlessly upgrade your system to include customized functionality later.

  • Audio/Visual PA & VoIP
  • PC Pop-Ups Instant Messaging
  • Digital Signage & LCD HDTV
  • LED Electronic Signs
  • SMS Text Messaging & Paging
  • Fire, Safety, Security & Alerting Systems Integration
  • Telephone Communications
  • VoIP & Analog PA Systems