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What is Connections Mobile?

Connections Mobile provides easy access to MessageNet Connections on smart phones, tablets, and computers. The app is designed for the fast and easy sending of messages.

How Does it Work?

Connections Mobile interfaces directly with the MessageNet Connections server to provide a highly simplified user experience on mobile devices. The Connections Mobile inbox is fully compatible with the standard Connections inbox and message directory screens and functions.

Daily & Emergency Use

Connections Mobile is designed to meet both the daily and emergency needs of any organization. Because the system is used for emergency, educational and daily communications, it’s used every day, making it easier and faster for staff to send out notifications in the event of an emergency, saving more lives.

Maximize your ROI by providing multi-user daily and emergency communication


Mobile Device Compatibility

Connections Mobile is available on many mobile devices, including iPhones, and iPads and is coming soon on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. The App is downloadable through the app store directly to your device.

Single Log-In

Log in to Connections Mobile once when it’s installed and it will remain logged in as your user each time you open the app for easy messaging and access to the Connections platform.

Simplified User Interface

Connections Mobile has a simplified user interface to make the App more accessible to infrequent or more general users of the system. Anyone with a log-in can create their own list of favorite messages for easy communication.

Customizable Lists

Connections Mobile is designed so users can create lists of their most frequently used messages. They can be ordered and customized for convenience.


Shareable Messages

Messages saved by one user can be shared with others. This is so members of a department can be sure to all have the same messages. When only the administrator creates messages, that admin can share to anyone else who would need them.

In-App Inbox

In addition to sending messages, the Connections Mobile allows threaded replies directly from the app for comprehensive messaging and ease-of-use.

Location-Aware Messaging

Connections Mobile can take advantage of the location capabilities of mobile devices in messages designed to broadcast the user’s location when sent, such as ‘Send Help’ or other emergency messages.

Available on PC and Mac

Connections Mobile is also available on PCs and Mac Computers. The simplified user interface is ideal for non-administrative users to access their messages without going through the full system.

Customizeable Icons

Connections Mobile has a wide variety of different images that act as icons for each message. Assigning unique icons to messages makes them easier to find, especially in an emergency situation. Even in every day communication, icons make messages faster and more convenient to locate.

Accessible Anywhere

Connections is available on any network-connected computer. Connections Mobile takes that a step further. Our mobile app can be accessed anywhere, whenever and wherever it is needed.

Convenient Access

Connections Mobile provides access to many of the user features of MessageNet Connections. It’s designed for convenient user access to many messaging features from a simplified interface.

Prioritize Messages

In Connections Mobile, messages can be reordered based on how often they’re used, priority, or however is most convenient for the user. Each user can organize messages in the way that suits their needs individual needs best.

*Some features described above may not yet be fully implemented.

Other Advantages

  • 90-day, no-risk money-back guarantee on software
  • Audit trails
  • Integrate with pre-existing technologies
  • Multi-user access
  • User security control
  • Ease of use
  • Can save lives


Connections can be purchased and installed all at once or gradually built up over time. The only device necessary to get started is the Connections server.


Connections is browser-based, so users can log on and send messages from any network-connected device.

Automated messages can be sent out by any device connected to the system, or can be launched manually on a computer or a mobile device using Connections Mobile

MessageNet Connections

MessageNet Connections is a browser-based, integrated system that unifies everyday and emergency communications and security into one powerful system. Connections integrates your existing communication, safety and security systems to create communication bridges between people, places and things.

One of the unique advantages of the MessageNet Connections system is scalability: you can start with your specific needs now and seamlessly upgrade your system to include customized functionality later.

  • Audio/Visual PA & VoIP
  • PC Pop-Ups Instant Messaging
  • Digital Signage & LCD HDTV
  • LED Electronic Signs
  • SMS Text Messaging & Paging
  • Fire, Safety, Security & Alerting Systems Integration
  • Telephone Communications
  • VoIP & Analog PA Systems