Higher Education Institutions

Combining Everyday Educational Tools with Emergency Communications Needs…

Where can you find a cost effective system that can provide HDTV, video distribution, audio and visual PA, Emergency Communications, Web pages, Power Points, video conferencing, and content displayed on instructors’ PC’s, on large format LCD screens in the classroom?

MessageNet Connections delivers this in an affordable system that can be deployed in one or more schools or campuses, on a single system.

Real World Examples:

Redefining Campus Communications
Ivy Tech Community College – Lafayette, IN

A university purchased our system for the delivery of information and messages to students using LCD displays for PowerPoint information of campus events, special classes offered or any emergency messages such as tornado, fire, intruder on campus, etc. Our PC-Alert software (which messages up on PC screens) is being used by the staff for internal delivery of staff meeting, and emergency alerts.

Emergency Communications System
Gulf Coast Community College – Panama City, FL

(story courtesy of ABC affiliate, WMBB)

“College officials hope to prevent what happened at Virginia Tech University in 2007 when a gunman killed 32 people. The university is facing penalties for not issuing timely warnings after the first two students were shot.”

“In an age when gunmen disrupt school board meetings and public gatherings turn into murder scenes, college officials say this is just one more way to ensure the safety of their students.”

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