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MessageNet PA capabilities

Most people think of PA as being a simple audio tool. Pick up a phone and speak and your voice will be transmitted to speakers all over the building. While MessageNet does have the capability to transmit to any combination of speakers, our PA system has a lot more to offer.

  • Reply to a PA message via the two-way intercom feature.
  • Record and store thousands of recorded  message for later play.  Most systems limit you to a handful of recorded messages.
  • Schedule recorded messages to automatically play once or repeatedly.
  • Speak live and automatically record what was said for future use and for documentation.
  • Have a typed message spoken aloud through text-to-speech software that supports multiple languages.
  • Flash high-intensity lights to get attention.
  • Have a text message scroll across the PA device.

These additional capabilities make for a far more versatile and useful system that can meet the needs of many different situations. As an audio and visual PA system, it can be used in environments with deaf and blind people and is also ideal for emergencies, as people can be rendered deaf or blind in an instant by an explosion or other type of disaster.

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