Public vs. Private Communications

What is the difference between private and public communication? With our product, MessageNet Connections it’s important to know the difference and how these two forms of communication relate with emergency notifications.

Public communication is public relations or mass communication. This form of communication can reach a small audience or large crowd through various channels such as a TV or PA system. In contrast, private communication is oral communication, or any telecommunication made under circumstances creating a reasonable expectation of privacy. This form of communication can reach its intended receiver through devices such as smart phones, pagers and computers.

In the event of an emergency, it’s important that people receive your emergency message. If an organization’s public and private communication systems and devices are not working together, it’s highly possible the emergency message could get lost in the crowd of everyday messages. When sending an emergency notification, it’s vital that the message override the every day communications and be sent through a coordinated use of multiple public and private channels of communication. Learn more on how MessageNet Connections integrates public and private communications, every day and emergency communications into one powerful system.

This Diagram Illustrates How We Unify Public & Private Communications…

Diagram of how MessageNet Connections Works to Unify Safety and Security Communications