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What is Connections Fire Panel Integration?

Connections can integrate with existing fire panel systems, regardless of brand or type, as well as other safety and security systems.

MessageNet Connections is designed to unify disparate systems for ease of communications, both for normal communication and during an emergency.

How Does it Work?

Through the MessageNet Connections server software platform, different fire panels and other safety and security systems can connect to one another.

Different brands and types of fire panel can be connected to each other through MessageNet Connections.

Any fire panel device, or other devices that are part of a safety and security system, can communicate with each other through MessageNet. All devices connect to MessageNet, rather than directly to each other, which allows for a complete, unified communications system.


Records & Audit Trails

Stored data, along with extensive message archives and system logs provide comprehensive security and management information.

Practicality & Cost Effectiveness

Connections can integrate with systems you may already have in place as well as any equipment or systems.

Ease of Use

Fire panel data can be accessed from the same location, making connecting with all devices easier.

Multi-User Access

The Connections system is designed to meet the demands of many users and a diversity of needs at once.

Security & Access Controls

Login, class of service, authorization and priority controls help limit users’ access to features and capabilities for a more secure system. Messages can also automatically show sender’s signature.

Daily & Emergency Use

In addition to enhancing fire panel systems, Connections’ integration can be used to connect with other safety and security systems.

As such, fire panels can integrate with signs and PA systems to create a well-rounded communications resource.

Maximize your ROI by providing multi-user daily and emergency communication

Other Capabilities

  • Connect different brands of fire panel together through MessageNet’s server.
  • Connect fire panels in different buildings into one unified system.
  • Automate messaging using data from fire panels for efficient emergency alerts.
  • Monitor for specific keywords that can automatically send out different alerts for each keyword.
  • Get emergency messages noticed more quickly by connecting fire panels to LED and LCD signs via MessageNet Connections.
  • Trigger messages, alarms, and camera feeds with fire panel data.
  • Connect to LCD screens to take advantage of location-aware messaging in a fire or other emergency.
  • Schedule regular tests of the system.
  • Ensure emergency broadcasts are noticed by automatically pausing all other content.
  • Have automated alerts send different information to different people.
  • Connect fire panels in different buildings into one unified safety system.
  • Connect fire panels to MessageNet’s server with UL listed controllers.
  • Add audio capabilities to fire panels, increasing the effectiveness of alert messages.
  • Send automated alerts to any combination of people via signs, PA, or even PC pop-ups.
  • Send a different automated message for different types of data from a fire panel.
  • Keep records of all data coming from the fire panels and all alerts that were issued.


Available in Many Ways

Connections’ main interface is browser-based, which means fire panel data can be viewed from many different types of devices that have a network or Internet connection.

In addition to manual user interaction, Connections can automatically communicate with other devices such as cameras, PA systems, contact closures, LED and LCD signs, and computers.


Because Connections can integrate with pre-existing safety and security systems, it can work with fire panels you already have and additional controllers and other devices can be added at any time.

MessageNet Connections

MessageNet Connections is a browser-based, integrated system that unifies everyday and emergency communications and security into one powerful system. Connections integrates your existing communication, safety and security systems to create communication bridges between people, places and things.

One of the unique advantages of the MessageNet Connections system is scalability: you can start with your specific needs now and seamlessly upgrade your system to include customized functionality later.

  • Audio/Visual PA & VoIP
  • PC Pop-Ups Instant Messaging
  • Digital Signage & LCD HDTV
  • LED Electronic Signs
  • SMS Text Messaging & Paging
  • Fire, Safety, Security & Alerting Systems Integration
  • Telephone Communications
  • VoIP & Analog PA Systems