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What is Audio/Visual PA?

The Connections Audio/Visual PA system can display messages sent from nearly any computer or network device. It scrolls text messages using multicolor LED technology, can flash bright lights to get attention, and use built-in speakers for text-to-speech capability.

Connections Audio/Visual PA also provides a built-in microphone as well as contact closures to activate external devices.

Audio/Visual PA is one of the many possible components of MessageNet Connections.

Example of an audio/visual PA device showing the time

How Does it Work?

When a message is sent to the system, high-intensity flashers and/or beeps can alert people to an incoming audio and/or visual message. This feature makes the system ADA compliant and suitable for use in many types of locations.

Messages can be scheduled to send in advance, set to expire at a certain time, or can be sent or cancelled manually. Any text message can also be spoken through the system’s speaker using text-to-speech technology.


Available in Many Ways

Connections’ main interface is browser-based, which means the audio/visual PA system can receive messages from many different types of devices that have a network or Internet connection.

In addition to manual user interaction, Connections can automatically communicate with the audio/visual PA system at the command of an automated device, such as fire panels, life-safety devices, door-open detectors, and a vast number of other data sources.


Because the devices are simple and license-activated, the audio/visual PA system can be quickly and easily deployed to one or many locations, either all at once or incrementally.


VoIP Connectivity

Voice over IP ability allows you to use existing data network infrastructure and for advanced digital capabilities.

While Audio/Visual PA is a complete PA system by itself, it can also coexist with traditional analog PA.


Audit Trails

Extensive message archives and system logs provide comprehensive management information.

Practicality & Cost Effectiveness

The system derives power using PoE, so installation is easy, fast and affordable, and they can be placed nearly anywhere. PoE also requires less power than normal electricity, saving electrical costs and can sometimes remain on during power outages, if the PoE network has its own power.

Ease of Use

Devices within the system can be assigned to groups, providing the convenience of delivering messages to a collection of locations at one time. The Connections software allows you to define an unlimited number of groups.

Multi-User Access

The Connections system is designed to meet the demands of many users and a diversity of needs at once.

Security & Access Controls

Login, class of service, authorization and priority controls help limit users’ access to features and capabilities for a more secure system. Messages, when sent, can also automatically display the identity of the sender with a signature

Other Capabilities

  • Reach people quickly and easily by launching ad hoc, fill-in-the-blank, customized or fully predefined text messages with the click of a mouse.
  • Send messages to multiple people at the same time.
  • Limit the number of messages displayed during times of emergency via priority controls.
  • Lock down features globally or provide them as selections for individual users as desired.

Other Capabilities, cont’d

  • Ensure people take notice and can easily read messages at a distance with large moving text.
  • Command attention with audible beeps that can be delivered prior to the scrolling message.
  • Display messages that can appear and disappear on a repeating basis when desired.
  • Live speech is automatically recorded for future replay and accountability.
  • Through contact closures, connect to other devices, such as strobes, door bells and more.

Daily & Emergency Use

In addition to providing urgent and reliable emergency communication, the audio/visual PA system can also be used for daily communications.

Maximize your ROI by providing daily and emergency communication

MessageNet Connections

MessageNet Connections is a browser-based, integrated system that unifies everyday and emergency communications and security into one powerful system. Connections integrates your existing communication, safety and security systems to create communication bridges between people, places and things.

One of the unique advantages of the MessageNet Connections system is scalability: you can start with your specific needs now and seamlessly upgrade your system to include customized functionality later.

  • Audio/Visual PA & VoIP
  • PC Pop-Ups Instant Messaging
  • Digital Signage & LCD HDTV
  • LED Electronic Signs
  • SMS Text Messaging & Paging
  • Fire, Safety, Security & Alerting Systems Integration
  • Telephone Communications
  • VoIP & Analog PA Systems