Emergency Communication Capabilities

MessageNet Connections Delivers These Critical Capabilities

Share Data Between Different Communication and Security Systems
• Enable existing communication systems to work together
• MessageNet EMACS delivers messages to the right audiences using the communication methods most appropriate to the circumstances and the needs of the groups and individuals.

MessageNet Connections communicates with:

-Cell phones
-SMS text messaging
-Digital Signage
-Computer screen pop-ups, PA systems
-Indoor/Outdoor LED electronic signs
-Giant voice systems
-Much more…

Use one solution for emergency and daily communications

The Power of “And”
• Private AND Public Communication
• Daily AND Emergency Communication
• Manual AND Automated Communication

Tremendous Flexibility
• Browser-based to give anyone with network access the ability to utilize the system
• Access the system via phones or computers
• Extremely scalable with one server controlling a site or multiple locations

Integrate and Automate Existing Infrastructure
• Make your existing communications systems more robust
• Automatically send messages through virtually any existing communication device
• Automatically deliver inputs from other systems that output messages, to the
right audience

Limitless Applications
• Emergency and Daily: Codes, census, and service announcements
• Fire Safety: Integrate with fire system
• Security: Building and campus wide
• Mass Notification

Cost Effective
• Reduces overhead cost and increases productivity with more efficient use of personnel
• Dramatically increases the functionality of existing communications systems
• Utilize existing hardware without expensive upgrades. Multiple applications
allow acquisition to spread cost and functionality across cost centers