The convergence of digital signage with PA and security


  • Affordable hardware – everything bundled into one device
  • Minimal installation cost – hang it and plug it in!
  • Technical expertise not required for installation
  • Built-in battery – eliminates need for costly UPS
  • Powered by an energy-efficient PoE power injector (included)
  • WiFi – automatically switches to WiFi if Ethernet fails
  • Low-power device – saves electricity
  • Ultra low-cost wireless panic buttons

The all-in-one Omni device is easy to install and use. It is designed to meet all your emergency and every day mass notification needs in a single, dedicated wall device.

Key Features

  • Ethernet IP intercom system
  • Visual public address
  • High-quality stereo speakers
  • Synchronized IP clock
  • User-controlled videocamera
  • Wireless Bluetooth panic buttons
  • Room phone using Bluetooth headsets – coming soon!
  • Powered by energy-efficient PoE injector
  • Runs for hours on built-in battery during power failures
  • Controlled by easy-to-use mobile app
  • Super-bright multicolor flashers and emergency lighting
  • Text-to-speech, live PA, and unlimited pre-recorded audio
  • Easy-to-read large scrolling text
  • Display videos, presentations, and web pages
  • Also displays on LCD TVs via HDMI

With personal devices such as mobile devices and computers increasingly using full-screen apps that locks out incoming notifications, the dedicated Omni device will ensure that everyone in the room receives the right information at the right time. It’s not enough to know that there’s an emergency – you also have to know that everyone else received the necessary information as well.

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