The first system to fully unify safety, security, and communications

Some Key Features

  • Receive messages off-site, at home or anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Send long messages visible with the scrolling message format
  • Grab attention with large, configurable text size and color
  • Pop messages through screensavers and active windows
  • Send audio beeps along with the message
  • Download PC Alert on both Windows and Mac!

This Connections feature, called PC Alert, is a fast and easy way to deliver alerts and emergency messages to one or many computers. PC Alert pops messages up in a new window and scrolls the message until it’s acknowledged by the recipient, stopped by the sender or expires. PC Alert messages can display for a certain amount of time, send on a schedule, and more.

PC Alert will not affect any other programs that are running and vice versa. It is designed to work with both Windows and MacOS and while operating system restrictions prevent any pc pop-up program from displaying in certain situations (such as when logged off or when a full-screen app is in use), PC Alert is a powerful supplement to your existing emergency communication system or can be used for non-emergency communication.

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